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3D Stereo Depth Calculator

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参考 摄影与录像
开发 Affonso Beato
29.99 USD

The 3D Stereo Depth Calculator is a tool designed for photographers, cinematographers, stereographers and computer graphics artists working, studying and/or researching on the production of stereoscopic images.

The SD 3D complies with the principles of comfortable stereography, which means: to produce stereo 3D images that don’t cause visual stress when presented.
The SD 3D takes in consideration all the parameters and factors that you need to calculate the proper results for your shots and/or sequences, as well the actual industry recommendations.


• Excessive Screen Parallax Control
• Convergence Point
• Roundness
• Focal Lens
• Depth Range
• Final Allowed Screen Parallax value display
• Positive and Negative Screen Parallax values and percentage display
• Negative Parallax Percentage (exclusive)
• Depth Stereo Range Position Indicator (exclusive).
• Bright display for operation on dark sets.
• Simultaneous Metric and Imperial units displays.
• Best Viewer Distance for Roundness and Depth.
• All camera sensors and lens formats included, many per customers demand.
• Double decimal digit precision on sensor sizes.
• Red Alert Flags for foolproof operation.
• New Trigonometric engine formulae
• Left and Right Camera ID and Color Chart
• Screen Parallax Simulation
• Scene Floor Plan Simulation
• Stereo Depth Range Simulation
• Digital Slate with Time Code to help sync both cameras
• Log File from each take, with all Stereographic Information

The SD 3D mathematical approach is based on the ortho stereo model that is explained on:

Undersatnding Comfortable Stereography